Key Moments In The History Of The Wristwatch

No matter how far we come in technology, the mechanical movements of a timeless wristwatch will always be a fascinating work of art. In this article, you’ll discover these milestone moments from the first 100 years of the wristwatch’s history.

1904  The first Cartier wristwatch is created. Louis Cartier develops the Santos for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian flying legend. Santos-Dumont complains that pocket watches are unreliable and dangerous to use while flying, so Louis makes him a wristwatch with a square face and flat profile.

1916  Heuer invented the first sports stopwatches with a precision of 1/100th of a second. The sportswatches are called Mikrograph and Microsplit. Due to Heuer’s technical prowess, it became the official timekeeper of the 1920 Olympic Games.

1926 Rolex invented the very first waterproof watch. These watches were dustproof and waterproof, and were hermetically sealed, thusly named by Rolex “Oyster”. Even today, several Rolex collections are designated as Oyster Perpetual. This designation can be found on the dials on several Rolex collections.

1936 IWC launched its first Special Pilot’s Watch. The watch was equipped with a rotating bezel used to measure and register take-off times. The watch was also equipped with an anti-magnetic escapement.

1969  Buzz Aldrin became the very first human being, and astronaut to wear the famous, and legendary Omega Speedmaster Professional on the Moon!

1972  Audemars Piguet developed the legendary Royal Oak Collection – the first collection of high-end sports watches made of steel.

1980 Hublot launched a brand new concept in the world of watchmaking: a natural rubber strap attached to a case made of precious metal. Until then, this concept was completely unheard of since cases made of precious metals were either attached to leather straps or gold bracelets.

1985  Rolex started using the 904L stainless steel alloy, which is one of the toughest steel grades you can find today. The 904L is used primarily in the aerospace and chemical industries and in the world of high-technology.

2005  Rolex invented and patented the cerachrom bezel which is a ceramic bezel nearly impervious to scratches. It was conceived and invented for durable functionality and beauty.

2009 Breitling Replica UK created the famous Caliber 01 in-house chronograph movement which is considered to be one of the most prominent automatic chronogaph movements in the world.

Rolex Watches: The Facts Behind The Name

Rolex is one of the best-known brands for luxurious wristwatches in the world. Ask anybody in any corner of the world to name the best watch brand in the world and the answer will almost invariably be “Rolex”.

It is thought that the idea of the Rolex name is that it means ‘exquisite’, a word which – I’m sure you’ll agree – describes the brand perfectly. Hans Wilsdorf was born in Germany, worked for a Swiss watch manufacturer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and moved to London in 1905 with the ambition of making quality watches at affordable prices. His first company was called Wilsdorf & Davis, but in 1908 he thought up the name Rolex. After considering many different names, the word ‘Rolex’ was chosen. Whether or not it does come from the word ‘exquisite’ is still debated, with other accounts saying that the name was chosen due to the ease of its spelling and its pronunciation in multiple languages as sounding the same. Whatever the reason, it has become one of the most well-known brands in the world today.

The Rolex brand began its journey to being an industry leader in luxury wristwatches by having an unwavering focus on creating the absolute highest quality watch. From the materials used to the mechanics behind them, Rolex wanted to be the best and look the best. With such a focus, Rolex was able to gain popularity and loyalty among consumers in their early years. As time has passed and the wristwatch market has inevitably changed and become more competitive, Rolex continues to hold that same esteem and impress brand marketers worldwide.

In the later years of the brand, Rolex began to focus their marketing around creating the perception that a Rolex watch was not just the best replica watches UK but also a symbol of success. When Swiss watchmaking ran into the quartz crisis in the 1970s and ’80s, Rolex initially started making some quartz watches – which are far more accurate than even the finest mechanical watch. But they soon abandoned quartz, concentrated on making just mechanical watches, and at the same time began intensive marketing, associating the Rolex name with timekeeping equipment in top airports and sports events. They know where they are going and how to get there.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Q3448420

Beautiful Christmas tree, cards, and colorful lights cheer our Christmas and welcome a new year. The air of Christmas penetrates everywhere. In this happy holiday, a delicate present is necessary, so here we recommend several watches for your holiday, and let’s enjoy it.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Q3448420

How could it be no date, in such a happy time? ladies, with beautiful dress, and mood, come to the date and Rendez-Vous Night & Day is specially designed for ladies. The delicate dial is engraved carefully by designers. The blue hands jump vividly in the dial, witnessing the time passing by. Numbers in the dial are quite clear, and highlight the readability to show its purity. The bezel, with gem setting on, sets off a woman’s grace to its every possible way. Under this romantic moment, Rendez-Vous Night & Da displays the shifts of day and night. There is a day&night indicator at 6 o’clock where sun and moon are engraved here and they will appear rotatingly.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Q3448420, speaking of its power, is fitted with a 898A automatic winding movement which has 30 rubies on it but measures only 3.3 mm. For a movement with day&night indicator, this is definitely a good movement. The movement itself is made by Jaeger-LeCoultre, from designing, producing, to assembling. Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Q3448420 also offers a variety of choices on this type.

Ladies watches are both precise and beautiful. A aaa replica audemars piguet will make you the center gain more popularity. A woman who know a little about the watch have an extra sense or maturity. So a wrist watch is the necessary adoration for you. Get one in the Christmas.

Besides, for the hublot copy, the Hublot Big Bang Unico World Poker Tour has two editions: the limited 18k king gold that only has 100 of it and 200 editions that are made of stainless steel.

Rolex Watches: Know More And Love More

A Rolex watch is a wise investment. It’s an incredibly well made piece of machinery that will last you a lifetime, and it will be useful to know more about Rolex if you are thinking of purchasing one.

A Bigger Trend

Rolex is most likely the most famous luxury watch manufacturer that has ever existed, with an unmatched prestige and reputation. However, when purchasing a Rolex watch, the Rolex watch case size is an important factor to consider. Take a look at all the Rolex model options that are available.  Presently, you will notice that there are many mens full size Rolex replica watches ranging from 34mm to 44mm.  In the past, when we would get a question about available watch sizes, there would be only one answer. Today, that is no longer the case. Over the past decade, as bigger watches became more popular, Rolex began to offer larger versions of their most iconic models.  As a result, mens full size Rolex watches have found their prominent place and continue to remain in style.

Only little changes and modifications

Rolex is very conservative with regards to its design. Rolex very reluctantly changes the general appearance of their watches. Even slight changes and modifications in aesthetics and design might take years and even decades.

Also,  Rolex rarely changes or modifies its movement technology, and the technology and the design of their cases, bracelets and clasps – even though several relevant changes and improvements have indeed been made over the last few years. Rolex’s philosophy can probably be summarized by this sentence: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

 A few hallmarks

Recently there have been some new lines that look very different from the classic Rolex watches (such as Cellini and Sky-Dweller), but in general, Rolexes can be distinguished by a few hallmarks. These include the screw-down caseback, the crown, the bezel and the Cyclops lens. Just about all Rolex watches have solid casebacks (which sets them apart from just about everybody else). The crown is small but important component, screwed hermetically down rather like a submarine hatch. The Cyclops lens in the sapphire watchglass enlarges the date. The fluting of the bezel was originally used to screw the bezel onto the case, but with rotatable bezels it became of even greater practical importance. It is now an important visual signature.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot Big Bang Unico “Magic Gold” Watches

hublot copy
hublot copy

Pure Hublot watch genes, it applied the revolutionary material – 18 k gold that completely prevent scratch to the production of the brand classic BIG BANG ‘series wrist watch, to implement the perfect fusion of respect for the tradition and creativity in the 20th century.

Magic gold is the patent material of the Hublot brand, which is shocked the entire watch altar since it was launched. Three years has passed, now it still is unique and the only scratch-resistant gold material in the watch industry. This material was researched and developed jointly by the Hublot watch and the Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne (Swiss federal institute of technology), and it needs a few months of fine-tuning the experiment over and over again during the production of this alloy, the material of 18 k also gets the official certification of the Central Office for Precious Metals Control.

This kind of magic gold can be said to be a material that is the hardest in the world in terms of quality, which can only be processed through the diamond. The traditional gold and its alloy material are easy to be scratched, but the magic gold vickers hardness number can be 1000, which is perfect to make up for the defect. And you must know that the vickers hardness number of the ordinary 18 k gold is only 400, even the vickers hardness number of the highest hardness of stainless steel quality also is only around 600. Magic gold was appeared in public for the first time in November 2011. The watch manufactory pf Hublot that is located in the Nyon city is the Forging base of brand ceramic sintering and high-pressure metal, and thanks to cutting-edge technology and perfect facilities of the watch factory, Hublot watch has completely independent production capacity of magic gold.

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All About The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex is an incredibly well made piece of machinery that will last you a lifetime, and it will retain or even gain value as the years go on. Men love to wear Rolex, women love to wear Rolex, women love to see men wear Rolex, there’s no bigger statement than wearing a Rolex. A Rolex on your wrist is a solid indicator of status and luxury. Here,we’re going to write a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona review, and help you find out if this could be the one that best suits you.

In addition to being Rolex’s signature chronograph collection, the Cosmograph Daytona is, in fact, the world’s most famous chronograph watch. As its name suggests, the Daytona series is inspired and worn by racecar drivers, including legendary actor and race enthusiast Paul Newman. Newman reportedly wore his Daytona every day from 1972 until his death in 2008. The original Daytona series were manufactured from 1961 to 1987, and were initially less expensive than other models. Today, these original Daytona’s are considered the ultimate in collectible Rolex watches; many enthusiasts regard them as the “holy grail” of Rolex watch collecting.

In 2007, replica Rolex unleashed the Cerachrom ceramic bezel on the GMT Master II. Prized for its look, as well as, its resistance to fading and scratching, the Rolex ceramic bezels are simply stunning. Over the ensuing years, Rolex began outfitting their popular sports models, such as the Submariner, Deepsea, and Yacht Master with the Cerachrom bezel. The Rolex Daytona mens watches also received one, but only on more precious models such as a platinum and Everose gold Daytonas.

But finally, in 2016, the stainless steel Daytona ref. 116500 also got the Cerachrom ceramic bezel. And Rolex enthusiasts everywhere excited! On both the black dial and white dial versions of the Daytona ref. 116500 sits a black ceramic bezel engraved with the tachymetric scale. Beating at the core of the Rolex’s newest stainless steel Daytona is also the unbeatable Caliber 4130.

While there are gold, two-tone, and platinum versions, stainless steel Daytona chronographs are the most popular options. Overall, the Rolex Daytona is truly remarkable due to its superb quality construction and state of the art timekeeping mechanism.

Why Choose A Panerai Watch?

Panerai are beautifully crafted watches which are designed to be worn by anyone. The Italian Royal Navy used them during World War II because of their quality craftsmanship and reliability. Next we’re going to give you their history and features to help you know more about Panerai watches.

History of the Panerai

Panerai was originally an Italian luxury watch brand, established by Giovanni Panerai, in Florence, in Italy, in 1860. Panerai is today a Swiss brand, Swiss owned, and Panerai relies exclusively on Swiss movements. In 1997, Panerai was purchased by Swiss Richemont Group and thus became an important player in the Swiss luxury watch market. Since the late 1990s, you can truly say that the brand ceased to be Italian and became Swiss. That’s what makes Panerai so special, and makes it a bit different from other Swiss luxury watch brands. Panerai is Swiss – and yet Italian.

Great Features of the Panerai

Panerai is a great brand that attracts a type of customer that’s looking for a high end timepiece that is a bit out of the ordinary. The brand is known to manufacture large, hefty, bulky oversized watches with minimalistic black dials, and large burly leather straps.The most popular Panerai model is the replica Panerai Luminor Marina. The Luminor Marinas usually feature a 44-mm wide case and the recognizable trademark crown guard that makes Panerais stand out in the horological crowd.

Panerai is dedicated to the purpose of developing and manufacturing collectible cult watches on a very limited scale, in order to honor Panerai’s history. It’s a very small brand with a very small and limited volume of production. Plus, Panerai watches have a retro style design – they are deliberately made to look old-fashioned. The modern Panerai brand intends to emulate the Panerai watches manufactured in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. And these might interest you if you are a watch collector!

Panerai is also known to be a “tough guy watch” – its admired and worn by several iconic Hollywood action movie heroes such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, and Jason Statham just to mention a few. Most Panerai watches are water resistant and suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving. This means that they have a highly valued practical aspect which might come handy for daily use.

IWC Watches: Working with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

replica watches for men
replica watches for men

Since 2006, IWC began its cooperation with Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s family and keeps rolling out novelties connected to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the hero and the pioneer. Now right in the 70 years anniversary, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, in commemoration of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, launched three special editions with ceramics cases: the Pilot Last Flight Special Edition.

Master work—paying tribute to the last flight

All the last Flight special edition that IWC launched are brown, just like the color of the jacket coat on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In the earlier editions, such an elegant color only appear on the dial, while the brand new Pilot Last Flight has a brown ceramics case, brown dial and brown bracelet. button, crown and case back are made of titanium but it only has 1700. The rose gold is glaring but has as less as 170. The ultimate one with components and case back made of platinum only has 17. The ceramics materials is solid and the attributes, like heat-resist and corrosion-resist, catch attentions. The double sapphire mirror can resist the sudden drop on pressure. What’s more, 89361 movements made by IWC can work as long as 12 hours. Special patterns are branded on the case back which is a sign to express homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s.

IWC watches are regarded as a delicate watches with high precision. It had attempt to applied its watches for military purpose and finally did it. Although the following watches were named after Mark Eleven, but people have seen that it is used for the military purpose. This lingo was applied to the IWC new watches, and if we trace back the history, we will see that Mark Eleven should own its credits to the Navigator, so, it is marked with ‘X’. In 1936, the novelties was named after Mark Nine, and it was just Mark Nine that proves its success.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rubber-Strap Explorer II Watch

fake rolex watches
fake rolex watches

I always prefer the rubber band, like the Big Bang series of Hublot watches, all kinds of omega seamaster, Blancpain, etc. Considering the comfortable and functional feelings of the watch strap, I am thinking of that will the Rolex rubber strap be very fragile? Until I tried a Rolex explorer II watch of the rubber strap, I have to say, the result let me very surprised, the material and toughness of strap is super good.

After replacing the rubber strap, this Rolex Submariner II watch appears more strong feeling of sports, and the watch clasp is very suitable and fitted with its strap, the black strap is shrunk to 16 mm from 21 mm slowly, so that the width of it can adapt to the watch button, and I also have to get used to the shape of tapered strap.

The stainless steel of this Rolex watch makes it stronger than other Rolex watches in the past, which also conforms to the definition of itself – specially for exploration. Table mirror is the sapphire crystal glass, which is more wear-resisting. Personally, I like its bullate calendar display window on the watch dial very much, with luminous pointer on the dial and orange independent 12-hour pointer, which is perfect for me!

After wearing this watch for three days, I love it all the time and even deeper. The flexibility of the rubber strap of this is Rolex Explorer II watch unexpectedly fits the wrist well, which makes the watch wearing more comfortable; and its another advantage is that it is able to show time in radar coverage area, and won’t be affected by the interference of magnetic field. Based on the new features of this Rolex Explorer II watch, I estimate that I have to spend a period of time adapting it slowly, but the process also is just what I enjoy! Or just check rolex yachtmaster replica for more choices on Rolex Swiss replica watches that feature Rubber Strap.

Audemars Piguet- Royal Oak Extra-Thin In Yellow Gold

Audemars Piguet is one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world. In 1972,  Audemars Piguet launched a revolutionary timepiece called the Royal Oak. Never seen before, the Royal Oak capitalized on trending steel watches and became one of the most famous timepieces in history.

With its steel case, octagonal bezel, “tapisserie” dial and integrated bracelet, the Royal Oak overturned the prevailing codes in 1972 and took its rightful place as a true modern icon- it was the world’s first luxury sports watch, it was imposing, yet impressively thin and, despite being the most expensive watch of its type on the market, it was available only in stainless steel. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica is possibly one of the most recognizable Audemars Piguet models.

At this year’s SIHH, Audemars Piguet released a number of impressive pieces including the Diamond Outrage, Frosted Gold Royal Oak, the black ceramic Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar, and some updates to the Offshore. But the watch that seemed to have the most people excited was- To mark the 40th anniversary of the first precious metal Royal Oaks, Audemars Piguet introduces a new series of the splendid Royal Oak Extra Thin Ref. 15202 in yellow gold.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra Thin – known under the reference 15202 – is no stranger to the world of watch aficionados. The last time we saw this watch in gold was in rose gold back in 2012. This year AP decided to bring back the classic solid yellow gold Jumbo with equally cool blue and yellow gold dials. The new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra Thin “Jumbo” is available in two distinct versions; each crafted from 18-carat yellow gold, and fitted with Petite Tapisserie dial in either blue or vintage-inspired champagne. On both versions, the AP logo appears at six o’clock positon, evoking the look and feel of the original “A-Series” Royal Oak.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra Thin Yellow Gold still measures 39mm in diameter and 8.1mm in thickness. Though the sapphire display back means the modern iteration is slightly thicker than the solid back original. But the movement inside remains the 2121, the slim, self-winding calibre originally developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre but now made by Audemars Piguet. It cuts an elegant profile on the wrist, and is weighty despite being slim. Both Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra Thin Yellow Gold are priced at US$55,400.